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Newport City Series



In a world where only clones are considered fully human, Dez is a flesher, scraping a living in the outskirts of Newport. When she accidentally kills a cop during a routine raid and then discovers that Newport City OpSec is planning to exterminate millions of fleshers, everything begins to unravel.

Des, her girlfriend Flora and her family are determined to stop the cull, but their only allies are the bent cop Brian Mac and a shadowy group called the Alchems. What chance does this unlikely band of renegades have against the full force of OpSec? What follows will test them to their limits, as they’re plunged into the most desperate struggle of their lives.

Fleshers holds a mirror to current societal disparities and ugly elitism, not unlike young adult novels The Hunger Games and Divergent…A book that draws readers through an action-packed, multi-layered narrative and will leave them with the desire to learn more about the complex and unusual characters.



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Out now in Kindle and paperback



The Books of Pellinor

"This is an epic fantasy in the Tolkien tradition, with a strong girl hero who is entirely believable in her struggles to master herself and learn the secrets of her identity. I couldn't put it down!"

— Tamora Pierce

“Unbelievably fine, this book represents fantasy storytelling at its best.” 

Starred review, VOYA, US

“Rich and passionate...Supremely satisfying.”

— Starred review, KIRKUS

"The River and the Book is one of those beautiful stories that will take your breath away."

— The Bookkat

"It’s a powerful little story…I’d recommend it to anyone at all."

— Booksellers New Zealand

"A darkly captivating tale of heartbreaking, destructive passion."

— Booklist

“Every so often one chances upon a novel so uplifting, enthralling and immersive that it becomes a struggle to put it down. Alison Croggon’s latest fantasy tale is just such a book…”

— ArtsHub







Bone Queen

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