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I've got all the feelings. And feelings are trouble.

When Dez accidentally kills a cop during a routine raid, everything begins to unravel. Dez is different from the other fleshers who scrape a living on the outskirts of Newport. She’s a living quantum computer, the missing link between human and artificial intelligence. If Newport City OpSec knew about her abilities, she’d be dead meat. Or worse.

Dez hacks into OpSec to find out if they know her secret and uncovers a plan to exterminate millions of fleshers. She and her family decide to stop the cull, but their only allies are the bent cop Brian Mac and a shadowy group of rebels called the Alchems. What hope does this unlikely band of renegades have against the full force of Newport City?

Their only chance is to risk everything.

Dazzling new science fiction from award-winning writers Alison Croggon and Daniel Keene

”The coolest science fiction I've read in years - if cyberpunk dystopian SF is your jam, I highly recommend this amazing book.” - Ellie Marney

“A vividly imagined post-collapse story, anchored by a sharp understanding of the ways imperfect people confront an oppressive government.” - Kate Elliott

“Fleshers holds a mirror to current societal disparities and ugly elitism, not unlike young adult novels The Hunger Games and Divergent…A book that draws readers through an action-packed, multi-layered narrative and will leave them with the desire to learn more about the complex and unusual characters.” - Books+Publishing

Out now: Kindle | Paperback


Finalist YA Book of the Year in the 2016 Aurealis Awards for Speculative Fiction


Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Fantasy of 2017


In a highly anticipated prequel to the Books of Pellinor, Alison Croggon captivates fans old and new with her ancient, legendary world of Annar.


After being seduced into sorcery by an agent of the Dark, the promising Bard Cadvan of Lirigon recklessly unleashed the terrible Bone Queen, bringing destruction down upon Annar. Cast out of the Schools of Barding for his crime, Cadvan now lives in exile, burdened by memories of his dealings with the Dark. At his former home, Cadvan’s mentor, Nelac, and his rival, Dernhil, begin to suspect that the Bone Queen may yet lurk in Annar, and a young Bard named Selmana is plagued by an ominous presence and an unsettling new ability to step between worlds. With darkness gathering and Bards giving in to fear and paranoia, a guilt-ridden Cadvan must once again earn the Bards’ trust and Selmana must gain control of her newfound powers if they are to bring peace to the living and the dead. Fans of the Books of Pellinor will savor this glimpse into Cadvan’s past, and readers
new to Alison Croggon’s intricately built world will relish The Bone Queen as a stand-alone epic of light, dark, magic, and redemption.


An epic fantasy in the Tolkien tradition - I couldn't put it down! 

— Tamora Pierce


Croggon's humbly exquisite prose weaves splendor into everything, from spells of magery and the frightening, otherworldly realm that the protagonists must tread to the regular World's aesthetic beauty and human emotion (grief, shame, terror, trauma)...Magnificent yet intimate, dark yet tender.

—Kirkus Reviews

(starred review)


The writing is the closest I've found to the feel of the Lord of the Rings. I wanted to slow down and appreciate each portion of the character's journey.


— Trudy Canavan, The Magician's Guild



Raw, passionate and dazzling, Alison Croggon’s poetry confronts a world fractured by different kinds of violence – patriarchal, colonial, sexual and emotional – and finds there a difficult beauty. New and Selected Poems 1991-2017 demonstrates the full range of her art: formally inventive, intellectually curious and stylistically assured.

Out now from Newport St Books

IThe scope of this collection – and it is impressively large – makes reviewing seem in many ways a trite and inappropriately restrictive response to the work. I have not done justice in this reading to the individual power of many of the works, which merit attention in their own right. But given its status as a selected, I found the collection most remarkable in the manner in which it has made these works new, or brought them into new relevance with the larger conversation of a poetic life.

                  – Catherine Noske, Cordite 

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Free verse in Australia has rarely come better than Croggon's.

- The Australian on New and Selected Poems 1991-2017




Winner of the 2016 Environmental Award for Writing for Children


Shortlisted for the WA Premiers Literary Awards


A Children's Book Council of Australia 2016 Notable Book 


From the internationally bestselling author of The Books of Pellinor comes a powerful story about the exploitation of indigenous people by the First World.


In Simbala’s village they have two treasures: the River, which is their road and their god; and the Book, which is their history, their oracle and their soul. Simbala is a Keeper of the Book, the latest in a long line of women who can use it to find answers to the villagers' questions. As developers begin to poison the River on which the villagers rely, the Book predicts change. But this does not come in the form that they expect; it is the sympathetic Westerner that comes to the village who inflicts the greatest damage of all.


Illustrations by Katie Harnett

Endorsed by Amnesty International UK

A topical tale, it is engaging, suspenseful and memorable. 
4 1/2 stars 

— Adelaide Advertiser


It’s a powerful little story…I’d recommend it to anyone at all.

— Booksellers New Zealand


The River and the Book is one of those beautiful stories that will take your breath away. 

— The Bookkat


A thought-provoking and wildly compelling book of magical realism, exploring colonialism, and exploitation of indigenous people.

— Alpha Reader


A beautiful piece of literature. 

 — Readings









Bone Queen

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